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had good connections with Beijing 和中國政府關係良好


emphasizes customer service to bring in crowds 著重客戶服務,吸引大量顧客
failed to crack the Hong Kong market 未能打入香港市場/未能打進香港市場
consumption customs 消費習慣


Foreign investment has flooded in. 外資湧入。
announced a possible merger of the two operators 宣布兩家(鐵路)公司可能合併
The KCRC yesterday beat rival MTRC to the $26 billion contract to build and run the new rail link between Sha Tin and Central. 九鐵昨日擊敗地鐵,贏得總值二百六十億元的合約,興建沙田至中環線。
The Executive Council approved the award of the contract to the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation. 行政會議把合約批予九鐵。
The Mass Transit Railway Corporation lodged a lower bid of $23 billion, but its tender asked for three pieces of land from the Government for property development and proposed 15 per cent higher passenger fares on full journeys. 地鐵雖然開出的造價較低,只需二百三十億元,但地鐵要求政府撥出三幅發展土地,地鐵擬定的全程票價也比九鐵高百分之十五。
had submitted very competitive bids (兩家公司的)計劃都很吸引
required no government funding 無須政府注資


plugging the budget deficit 減少財赤(97)
rein in Hong Kong's growing budget deficit 防止赤字再增長


announce a seven per cent economic growth target for the year    宣布把來年經濟增長目標定為百分之七(97)
a weakening yen will put pressure on the renminbi to devaluate    日元持續貶值,人民幣亦受壓
land departure fee    陸路離境稅(98)
Boundary Facilities Improvement Tax    邊境建設稅(98)
achieve a balanced budget by 2006-07    在零六至零七年財政年度達致收支平衡(97)
achieve a fiscal balance by 2006-07    在零六至零七年財政年度達致收支平衡(97)
restore a fiscal balance within 5 years    五年內達致收支平衡(97)
sales tax    銷售稅(98)
raises new taxes    開徵新稅(98)
the long-awaited product to sth    企盼已久的新一代某物(96)
are frantically cutting one another's throats    互相割喉競爭(103)
has been innovating and rebounding since Job's return in 1997    自從賈伯斯九七年回巢,(蘋果電腦)不斷創新,業績反彈(103)
The original iMac, which launched in May 1998, sparked a 400% Apple-stock surge during the next two years, and has sold more than 6 million units.    第一台iMac於九八年五月上市,刺激蘋果電腦在接下來的兩年股價上升了三倍。iMac共售出六百萬台。(96)
Retail stores are clamouring for something new to stimulate sales.    零售店都渴望有新產品刺激銷售。(96)
continue to lose market share to sb    輸給某公司,市場佔有率不斷下降(96)
allowing a devaluation of the local currency    放任當地貨幣貶值(97)
is restructuring through relocation of operations to the mainland    重整業務,把部分業務遷往內地運作(103)
moved part of its operations to Guangzhou    把部分業務遷往廣州運作(103)


would default on repayment of its huge international loans    將未能償還龐大國債(97)
The SAR's $369 billion fiscal reserves will be wiped out by 2008-09 if the administration does nothing to cut spending or raising taxes, a government study has warned.    政府一份調查警告,若然不減省開支或增加稅收,香港的三千六百九十億元儲備將於二零零八至零九年財政年度耗盡。(97)
restore fiscal balance    轉虧為盈(97)


shape a stimulus package    設計一套刺激經濟方案(97)
was investing on the mainland    在大陸投資(103)
resolve the budget deficit within his second term    在第二任任期期間解決財赤問題(97)


Hong Kong and Beijing have urged Tokyo to tackle the yen's slide against the US dollar after the Japanese currency hit a three-year low and threatened to test the psychologically important barrier of 135.    日圓兌美元匯價創三年新低,迫近一美元兌一百三十五日圓的重要心理關口。香港和中國政府促請日本政府正視日圓貶值問題。(97)
The weak yen continued to exert downward pressure on regional currencies.    日圓疲弱,區內其他貨幣面臨貶值壓力。(97)


take profits from recent gains    獲利回吐(108)
The move would do little to kick-start the economy or the property market.   
standard savings rate    基本儲蓄利率(99)
increases foreign access to the domestic market    進一步開放國內市場予外商(97)
liberalise various sectors    開放各行各業(97)
China's entry to the WTO will provide tremendous opportunities to tap the lucrative mainland market.    中國加入世貿將給予商人大量機會進軍利潤潛力豐厚的中國市場。(97)
hopeful at the prospects for the mainland retail market    憧憬國內零售市場(97)
crack the China market    進軍大陸市場(103)
accelerate the process of economic reform    加快經濟改革進程(97)
advocate the laissez faire credo    支持自由(經濟)(97)
China's economy is forecast to grow by 7.4 per cent this year and 7.2 per cent next year. The mainland is largely insulated from the global downturn by its mostly closed economy and strong domestic demand.    預期中國經濟本年增長百分之七點四,明年增長百分之七點二。由於經濟體系大致封閉,加上國內需求強大,中國經濟並未有受全球經濟衰退拖累。(97)


cash in on the campaign to develop western areas of the mainland    把握西部大開發所帶來的商機(103)
has kicked off its Go West project    已展開西部大開發計劃(103)
listless economy    經濟蕭條(97)
depressed consumer sentiment in overseas markets    海外市場消費意欲急降(97)
created greater uncertainty in the global economy    為全球經濟增添不明朗因素(97)
external economy    外圍經濟(97)
Manufacturing industries have been able to relocate from high-cost to low-cost locations.    製造業由成本高昂的地區遷移到成本低的地區。(97)
a window on the world for the Mainland    世界和內地連接的窗戶(97)
Following China's accession to the World Trade Organisation, co-operation between Hong Kong and Guangdong will rise to new heights.    隨著中國加入世貿,粵港兩地合作的機會更多。(97)
promote economic co-operation between Hong Kong and the PRD region    推動香港與珠江三角洲的經濟合作(97)
strengthen business liaison between Hong Kong and Guangdong    加強粵港兩地的商貿聯繫(97)
provide better support services for Hong Kong businesses in the PRD    為珠江三角洲一帶的港商提供更佳支援(97)
improving our business environment    改善我們的營商環境(97)
Small and Medium Enterprises Committee    中小型企業委員會(97)
Business Installations and Equipment Loan Guarantee Scheme    營運設備及器材信貸保證基金額(97)
SME Export Marketing Fund    中小企業市場推廣基金額(97)
fixing the shuddering economy    挽救疲弱的經濟(97)
financial apocalypse    金融災難(97)
let the value of its currency slip   讓貨幣貶值(97)
can't get access to capital    無法取得資金(110)
eyeing the mainland's big market    覬覦大陸龐大的市場(97)


Japan's lingering economic malaise        日本經濟持續不振(97)
considering 400 per cent rises in premiums   


HSBC has cut its 2001 growth forecast for Hong Kong to 1.8 per cent from 2.2 per cent.    匯豐調低2001年香港經濟增長預測,由原來的百分之2.2調低至百分之1.8。(97)
external factors in Hong Kong    香港的外圍因素(97)
the cash-strapped Pyongyang regime    銀根短絀的北韓政府(97)
bolster the economy    振興經濟(97)
Cigarette sales contribute US$12.7 billion to tax revenues, about 10 per cent of the total.    煙草為庫房帶來一百二十七億美元稅收,約佔總稅收的百分之十。(98)
In May, the Government forecast three per cent yearly economic growth, down from the four per cent predicted in the March budget.    政府在五月調低經濟增長預測,由三月財政預算案中的百分之四調低至百分之三。(97)
heavily dependent on the semi-conductor industry    倚重半導體工業(97)
forecast a rebound in the economy    預期經濟會好轉(97)
The government is expected to downgrade its forecast for economic growth this year.    預期政府將會下調今年的經濟增長預測。(97)
evade $210,000 in profits tax    逃避利得稅二十一萬元(98)


cost-cutting plan    節省成本計劃(103)
the restructuring    重組(103)


shift their accounts to smaller banks    轉用小型銀行(99)


seek investment opportunities in China's western regions    在中國西部尋求商機(103)
invest in the Northwest    在中國西部投資(103)
explore investment opportunities    尋求商機(103)
lags well behind thriving coastal areas    (中國西部)比沿海繁榮城鎮落後很多(97)


handed over the reins to his three children    把家業交給三名兒女打理(103)
The new account escapes a minimum balance charge, but customers must pay $20 for using teller services for cash withdrawals and transfers.    新服務不用付低結餘月費,但客戶每次使用櫃員服務提款和轉帳要付費二十元。


declared a disappointing interim result with profit up only 7.68 per cent to HK$493.4 million    公布中期業績,令人失望,盈利僅上升百分之7.68至四億九千三百四十萬元
The results were below analysts' forecast of HK$700 million for Hang Lung and HK$850 million to HK$887 million for Amoy.    業績較分析員預期差。原本預期恆隆盈利為七億元,淘大盈利為八億五千萬元至八億八千七百萬元。
announced an interim profit of HK$28.1 million    公布中期業績,盈利為二千八百一十萬元
Amoy will give an interim dividend of 11 HK cents.    淘大將派發中期息11仙
Hong Kong's interest rates closely track those in the US because of the territory's currency peg to the US dollar.    由於港元和美元掛鉤,港元利率將緊貼美元利率。
employment data    就業數據
achieve a high degree of transparency    盡可能提高透明度
close savings accouts with the bank    結束儲蓄戶口
interest rate deregulation    利率協議結束
clients with low balances    結餘得很少的客戶
close down a large number of branches    關閉大量分行
move its back-office operations to Guangzhou    把後勤運作移至廣州
cost-trimming act    節省成本行動
cut the key US interest rate by 50 basis points    (美國)減息半厘
return to its zero-interest-rate policy    回復零利率政策
refused to speculate on sb's motives   拒絕揣測某人動機
gain business favour from the mainland    得到在中國做生意的甜頭
reduce debt    減債
did not appear at the company's press conference    沒有出席記者招待會


Red chip Legend Holdings has posted a better than expected 68.7 per cent quarterly growth in net profit in the third quarter to December 31.    紅籌股聯想集團公布截至十二月三十一日的第三季業績。集團純利增長百分之六十八點七,比預期為佳。
Turnover in the third quarter increased 50.4 per cent from the previous quarter to HK$7.65 billion.    第三季營業額比第二季增長百分之五十點四,達七十六億五千萬元。
Earnings per share were 3.3 HK cents for the third quarter, up from 2.1 HK cents in the previous period.    第二季每股盈利為三點三仙港元,上一季為二點一仙港元。
No dividend payout was recommended for the quarter.    本季不派息。
Legend's share of China's PC market    聯想個人電腦在中國的市場佔有率
However, shares in Legend eased 1.55 per cent, or 10 HK cents, to finish at HK$6.35 yesterday, despite the better than expected earnings.    雖然盈利較預期為佳,但聯想集團股價仍下挫一毫,相當於百分之一點五五,以六點三五元收市。
Mr Tsang is perhaps best known for his intervention in the stock market in August 1998 when he spent $120 billion fending off speculators during the Asian financial crisis.    曾蔭權最出名的往績是,他在九八年八月亞洲金融風暴時耗資一千二百億港元入市干預擊退大鱷。
sparked a supermarket price war    引發超市減價戰
Shoppers will be billed $15 for each delivery if they spend less than $400.    購物少於四百元需付十五元運送費。
were offering free delivery for purchases over $150    購物滿一百五十元免費送貨
expansion through acquisition    透過收購行動擴展業務