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swapped shirts at the end of the game 比賽結束後交換球衣


the first match 揭幕戰
four-time champions Brazil 四屆盟主巴西
which bookmakers have now installed as tournament favourite 現被博彩公司捧成奪標大熱
China coach Bora Milutinovic 中國隊教練米路天奴域
It took Brazil 15 minutes to take the lead, with defender Roberto Carlos driving a free kick into China's net 巴西開賽後十五分鐘由後衛卡路士射入罰球領先中國。
It is still mathematically possible for China to advance to the second round if they defeat Turkey in their next game and Brazil beat Costa Rica. 數字上中國仍機會晉身次圈。前提是他們下仗擊敗土耳其,及巴西擊敗哥斯達黎加。
Mexican-waving their way 玩人浪
They did everything they could. 他們已盡所能。
made swift progress down the right 在右路快放
coming on as a 19th-minute substitute for the injured Owen Hargreaves 開賽後十九分鐘入替受傷的夏格維斯
screamed, cried and roared themselves hoarse 聲嘶力竭地吶喊
beat Spain on penalities to become the first Asian team to reach the World Cup semi-finals 互射十二碼淘汰西班牙,成為首支亞洲球隊闖入世界盃準決賽
slay another soccer giant 淘汰另一支勁旅
Dutch-born coach Guus Hiddink 荷蘭籍教練軒迪克
South Korea won 5-3 on penalties after the match finished goalless at the end of extra time. 加時過後,雙方仍互無紀錄,要互射十二碼,南韓卒以五比三勝出。
reach the last eight 晉身八強
blamed the referees for their losses to South Korea 敗給南韓後怪罪球證
resume the suspended aid 恢復提供援助


snorkel 戴呼吸管潛泳
scuba-diving 戴水肺潛水
ultralight 超輕型飛機


had been plagued by injuries in recent years    近年飽受傷患困擾


avenged Liverpool's 4-3 defeat at Elland Road last season    利物浦報卻去季作客列斯負三比四之仇
Liverpool have adopted a negative style of play to win matches    利物浦為贏波,大踢防守足球
should have been flagged offside     應判罰越位
The news has further aggravated manager Arsene Wenger's defensive problems.    這個壞消息令阿仙奴後防問題雪上加霜。
Bergkamp's infamous fear of flying has made his away appearances in European extremely rare.    眾所周知,伯金害怕搭飛機,甚少在歐洲賽事作客亮相。
is suspended for the game against Fulham    將在對富咸一仗停賽


televised Cup game    電視轉播的世界盃球賽


had to renew their contracts or risk losing them on a free transfer    必須跟他們續約,以防他們約滿後自由轉會
signed a new five-year contract with Leeds United    跟列斯續約五年


Upon getting back on level terms Arsenal never looked back and left United rattled for the remainder of the match.    阿仙奴追成平手後得勢不饒人,餘下賽事中曼聯陷於捱打狀態。
Smith's prospect of making England's World Cup lineup    史密夫打世界盃的機會
conducting a personal vendetta against Alpay    向艾比報復
The win gave Arsenal 23 points and third place in the table, behind Liverpool and Leeds, but ahead of Newcastle United and Aston Villa on goal difference.    阿仙奴全取三分,以二十三分排列聯賽三榜第三,僅落後利物浦和列斯,並以得失球差壓倒紐卡素和維拉。
has been plagued by fitness and disciplinary problems    不斷受傷患和紀律問題困擾
Leeds had rejected Liverpool's original asking price of £15 million for Fowler.    利物浦原為科拿開價一千五百萬鎊,遭列斯拒絕。
Fowler's imminent arrival at Elland Road is likely to cast a cloud over the furture of Leeds' temperamental striker Alan Smith.    科拿加盟列斯,為麻煩多多的列斯射手史密夫的前途蒙上陰影。


Celebrations broke out across China last night after the national soccer team reached the World Cup finals for the first time.    中國國家足球隊首次成功晉身世界盃決賽周,舉國歡騰。


could only manage a goalless draw    只能和對手賽和零比零


Harte fired Leeds ahead as the Gunners were still lining up a defensive wall.    當阿仙奴後衛仍在排人牆之時,夏迪已把皮球送入網窩,為列斯取得領先。
had signed a new five-year deal with United only six months ago    剛在六個月前和曼聯續約五年


With two days to go, Beijing remains the frontrunner in the race for the 2008 Olympic Games, but supporters say the outcome is still unpredictable.    二零零八年奧運主辦國將在兩日後揭盅,北京目前仍然是大熱門,但支持者表示勝負仍然難料。(155)
International Olympic Committee    國際奧委會(155)
win in the first round of voting    在首輪投票中勝出(155)
win in the first ballot    在首輪投票中勝出(155)
If a majority is not gained by any one of the cities in the first round, the lowest-scoring candidate is eliminated and a new round begins.    如在首輪投票沒有城市得到過半數票數,票數最低的城市將會出局,然後展開新一輪投票。(155)
win the hosting of the Games    奪得主辦權(155)
win the right to host the 2008 Games    奪得2008年奧運主辦權(155)
isn't fit to play host    不適合主辦奧運(155)
The Japanese city of Osaka was eliminated in the first round with six votes.    日本城市大阪在首輪投票僅得六票,被淘汰出局。(155)
promised an all-out effort to stage a successful Games    承諾會全力以赴辦好奧運(155)
Olympics-related stocks    奧運概念股(155)


Instant-Dict said it would pull out of the 2001-02 season after 10 years in the First Division.     快譯通表示退出2001-02年度甲組足球聯賽。該隊在甲組已角逐十年。(167)


bane    剋星
knocked us out of the FA Cup in the semi-final    在足總盃半準決賽把我們踢出局
Newcastle had initially taken the lead on 22 minutes through Christian Bassedas' first goal since joining the club last May, only for Gianfranco Zola to level the scoreline with a superb strike eight minutes before the break.    紐卡素在二十二分鐘由巴斯達斯射入為紐卡素效力以來的首個入球領先,但在完半場前八分鐘蘇拿射入一球世界波為球隊追成平手。 
Chelsea were now targeting a top-three finish.    車路士現以打入聯賽三甲為目標。
score many important goals    射入很多重要入球
ask for a transfer    要求轉會
Ginola said he would be happy to play as a sweeper if it would prolong his professional career.    真路拿表示願意打清道夫,只要能延長足球事業就行。 
put him on the transfer list    把他掛牌出售
He was not even on the subs' bench for Villa's FA Cup fourth round tie with Leicester City two weeks ago.    兩周前足總盃第五圈賽事對李斯特城一戰中,他甚至連後備席也沒分兒坐。
had won the rights to show matches for the next three seasons    贏得未來三季(超聯)的獨家播影權
could face a three-year Cable TV blackout of English Premier League games    可能未來三季都沒有超聯看
lost the rights to show English FA Cup matches    喪失足總盃的播影權
have a big subscription base of over 520,000 households    (有線)有多達五十二萬用戶