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were treating the case as arson and murder 把案件列為縱火謀殺案


graftbusters 反貪污人員
Sin was alleged by the ICAC to have accepted sex in exchange for tip-offs about vice raids. 冼錦華遭廉署調查。他涉嫌洩露掃黃行動情報,以換取免費性服務。
Officers in the force are deeply concerned about the fact that despite serious allegations having been made, no corresponding criminal prosecutions have been instituted to date. 廉署對警員作出嚴重指控,卻至今仍未有提起刑事訴訟。警方對廉署的辦事手法深表關注。
There have been three cases involving 15 police offices between June last year and this February in which no charges have been laid. 由去年六月至今年二月被廉署調查的警員中有十五名最終沒有被起訴。
accused by the ICAC of having accepted $100,000 in protection money 被廉署指收取十萬元保護費
was later released unconditionally 後來獲無條件釋放
The ICAC noted there had not been any worsening of corruption among police. 廉署表示警員貪污問題未有惡化跡象。
should not make high-profile arrests of police before collecting enough evidence 未搜集到足夠證據時不應高調拘捕警員
we did not receive any resistance 未有遇到反抗
ICAC officers arrested Sin on suspicion of accepting free sex from prostitutes in exchange for tip-offs about vice raids.
A bomb disposal team was called to the airport to remove the suspicious material from the plane. 一隊拆彈專家奉命到機場移除機上可疑物品。
slack security 保安鬆懈
adopts the tightest and most stringent security procedures 採取最嚴密的保安程序
in the direction of Tang Lung Street 向登龍街方向逃走
Police searched the area with the female victim but could not locate the suspects.
closed-circuit television system 閉路電視系統


lay down their arms    放下武器(33)
were carted away by police    被公安押走(32)


paid riders to rig results    賭賄騎師,製造賽果(42)
race-rigging    造馬(42)
The ICAC said it had worked in close liaison with the Jockey Club and that the investigation was continuing.    廉署表示他們一直和賽馬會緊密聯繫,調查仍在進行。(32)
An application of bail pending appeal was refused.    被拒保釋候審。(34)
harboured the guilt of the police officers    包庇警員(35)


Anti-corruption investigators allege a principal fireman at Ma On Shan station helped his subordinates get favourable appraisals in return for benefits including a second hand car, a mobile phone and a gold bracelet.    廉署調查人員發現馬鞍山消防局一名消防總隊目涉嫌收受多名消防員送禮,包括二手私家車、無線電話和金手鏈,然後給予送禮的消防員良好的評語。(42)
She suffered multiple fractures to her skull.    她頭蓋骨多處受創。(37)
There was no sign of a break-in, leading police to believe the attacker may have been known to the girl.    現場無爆破行跡,警方相信兇徒和受害女童相識。(32)
an increase in number of domestic violence    家庭暴力事件上升(37)
automatic rifle    自動步槍(33)
spray the centre with bullets     在廣場裡亂槍掃射
a gun battle    槍戰(33)
bundled the victim into the car at gunpoint    用槍指嚇他們,並推他們上車(38)
managed to avoid a number of police road blocks    成功避過數個警方設置的路障(33)


The passengers were detained to provide witness reports.    乘客留助警方落口供。(33)
was overpowered by passengers and crew    被乘客和機組人員制服(33)
was apparently traveling on a false British passport    看來是持偽造英國護照乘飛機(41)
pinpoint the location of the mobile phone    鎖定手提電話的位置(33)
tap conversations    竊聽電話內容(33)


exchange intelligence    交換情報(33)


A total of 11,000 police had been drafted on to the streets of the city and in the stadium.    一萬一千名公安在街上及球場裡戒備。(31)
al-Qaeda organisation   


suicide plane attacks    自殺式撞機襲擊(47)
combatting terrorism   


first offenders    首次犯罪者(33)
felony    重罪(33)
with no previous record of delinquency    (指年青人)沒有刑事紀錄(74)
call police    報警(31)
had been released after a verbal warning    警誡後獲釋(34) 
She was also cowed into silence about previous ill-treatment by threats against her childern.    (僱主)更叫她不要向外宣揚虐待她一事,不然就會對她的孩子不利。(36)


Molotov cocktail    汽油彈(39)
An Indonesian maid was filmed ill-treating her employer's two-year-old son at home on a hidden camera.    閉路電視錄影了一名印傭虐待兩歲幼主。(47)
the $1.4 million had been recovered    一百四十萬元贖金已經尋回(38)
received ransom calls demanding $6 million    收到綁匪電話,要求六百萬元贖金(38)
The family was ordered to pay the money across the border.    綁匪要求家贖往內地繳付贖金。(38)
contacted the police    通知警方/與警方聯絡/報警(31)
paid a ransom of $950, 000    繳付九十五萬元贖金(38)
Fifteen men and five women have been arrested in connection with the kidnap.    十五名男子和五名女子懷疑和該宗綁架案有關,已被警方拘捕。(38)
reunited with his family    和家人重聚(34)
was kept incommunicado    被拘留,兼且不得與外界接觸(34)
remain at large    逍遙法外(33)
truncheon    警棍(31)
holster    手槍皮套(31)
An initial investigation revealed no suspicious circumstance.    警方初步調查後,認為案件無可疑。(32)
violent offenders    暴力罪犯(36)
triad gangs    黑道幫派(40)
replicas    冒牌貨(41)


suicide bomber    自殺式炸彈(39)


gunning down two officers    槍擊兩名警員(34)
search for the suspects    搜捕疑犯(34)
step up the crackdown on cross-border crimes    進一步打擊跨境罪案(31)
were asked to stop    被截查(31)
commit some serious crimes    做大案(33)
received useful leads from more than 30 people    從三十多名市民收集到有用情報(32)
scalded her with a hot iron    用熱燙斗燙她(34)
She was hit so hard the brush snapped.    她被打得連掃帚柄都斷了。(34)
kill all of the hostages    殺死所有人質(38)
bandits    專門打劫遊人的強盜/土匪(33)
release all your hostages    釋放你們手上所有人質(38)
elude their air and sea search    避過(軍方的)海空搜索(33)
rescue the hostages unharmed    拯救人質,確保他們安然無恙(38)
he will never forget the fear and shock he felt as he was arrested    他永遠無法忘掉被捕後的惶恐(33)
The boy said his passion for computers evaporated after his arrest for setting up a Web site that Internet users could access to download songs.    男童稱他被捕後對電腦的興趣蕩然無存。該男童因在網站供網友下載歌曲而被捕。(45)


reunited with their families    (被釋放後)與家人重聚(39)


marine police launches    水警輪 
gang's activities had been under heavy surveillance    一直有嚴密監視該黑社會集團活動
gang members    黑社會會員
This particular raid clearly illustrates the determination of the police in fighting against triad expansion in Hong Kong.    是次突擊行動突顯警隊決心打擊黑社會活動在香港發展。
the beat-patrol system    警員巡邏制度
there was enough manpower    有足夠人手
patrol in pairs    兩人一組巡邏
usually patrol in pairs only on night shifts    通常只有夜間時才兩人一組巡邏
a string of blasts    一連串爆炸事件
was reduced to rubble by an explosion    被炸成廢墟
home-made bombs    土製炸彈


The constable, attached to the patrol sub-unit, had been in the force for more than 25 years and had worked on contract after his retirement in 1998.    該名警員隸屬軍裝部巡邏小隊,效力警隊已二十五年,於九八年退休後以合約形式留效。
was in heavy debt    負債累累
stamped a hot electrical iron across the back of her hands    用燙熱的電電燙斗燙過她的手背
a spate of phone-box bombings    連串電話亭爆炸案
a bomb blast at a phone booth    一宗電話亭爆炸案
fish bombs    魚雷
Both men have been released on $1,000 police bail and have to report back to police on April 4.    兩人獲准以一千元保釋,須在四月四日前向警方報到。
have ordered an internal investigation into the incident    已下令對是次事件展開內部調查
would not affect the force's operation or morale    不會影響警隊運作和士氣
sending obscene and threatening messages    寄淫褻及恐嚇語句
sought help from the FBI in gathering evidence    向聯邦調查局尋求協助以搜集證據
disregarded the victims' feelings    沒有理會受害者感受
suspect that someone had hacked into her e-mail account    懷疑有黑客入侵她的電郵帳戶
put a pillow over the victim's face to suffocate her    用枕頭蓋過她的臉令她窒息致死
deny a charge of having committed murder    否認一項謀殺罪
out his hand to see if there was any breathing    伸手試探她是否仍有呼吸
A maid was forced to work 21 hours a day and endure beatings with a toilet brush.    一名女傭被僱主強迫每日工作二十一小時,僱主並用廁所刷毒打女傭。