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would not rule out agreeing to an out-of-court settlement    不排除會接納庭外和解
claiming damages from the police and immigration chiefs for negligence    要求警務署和入境處處長就疏忽一事進行賠償
file a writ in the High Court to seek damages    入稟高等法院索償
taking McDonald's to court    控告麥當奴
threw out the case    下令被告無罪,無須審判
The magistrate ordered that McDonald's $30000 in costs be paid by the Food and Hygiene Department.    法官下令食環署要支付麥當勞三萬元堂費。
a waste of public money    浪費公帑
proceedings    訴訟
Offenders could be fined up to $50,000 or get four years' jail.    違例者可被判罰款五萬元或入獄四年。
asked the top court to seek Beijing's guidance on a right-of-abode battle involving a three-year-old boy    就一名三歲男童的居港權問題要求最高法院向人大尋求釋法
argues that the case needs to go to the National People's Congress before the Hong Kong court rules on the matter    要求法院判決前向人大尋求釋法
won in lower courts    在較低級別法院時勝訴
Children born in Hong Kong to mainland parents automatically qualified for the right of abode.    內地人士在港出生的子女自動享有居港權。
fears an influx of pregnant mainland women    恐防會有大批內地孕婦湧入香港
claims the right does not extend to children of illegal immigrants, over-stayers and people merely visiting the SAR    聲稱自動擁有居港權的條例並不適用於非法入境者、逾期滯港人士和觀光客的子女
refer the case to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress     就是次案件向人大常委會尋求釋法
obtained a Standing Committee reinterpretation of a January 1999 Court of Final Appeal ruling    就九九年一月終審法院一案尋求人大常委會釋法
Any child with one Hong Kong parent was entitled to the right of abode.    只要父母其中一方是香港人,子女就有居港權。
had damaged judicial independence and the SAR's autonomy    破壞一國兩制及司法獨立
seek an interpretation from the Standing Committee before making a judgment    判決前尋求人大常委會釋法
Only Hong Kong-born Chinese nationals with at least one permanent resident parent would be eligible for permanent residency.    只有在本港出生兼且父母其中一方是香港永久居民的中國公民才有永久居留權。
constitutional crisis    憲法危機
give evidence    作證


had denied murder but admitted the lesser charge of manslaughter    拒絕承認謀殺罪,但承認指控較輕的誤殺罪(26)
They should serve at least 20 years before parole should be considered, the judge recommended.    判處罪犯要服刑滿二十年後才可以提早出獄。(26)
borrowing the words of sb    借用某人的說話(26)
to be served concurrently to the life terms    和終身監禁同時執行(26)
were given suspended jail terms    被判緩刑(26)
save the couple from being jailed    使他們兩夫婦不致於要坐牢(26)
She was found guilty after trial last Thursday after one count of using a document with intent to deceive the Government.    她上周四被法庭裁定一項意圖使用文件欺騙主事人罪成。(26)
Her husband was found guilty of aiding and abetting the offence.    她丈夫被裁定一項教唆罪成。(26)
They received jail terms of nine months, suspended for two years.    他們被判入獄九個月,緩刑兩年。(26)
would appeal against their convictions    會對判決提出上訴(26)
appealing for leniency    懇求法庭從輕發落(26)


stand trial on corruption charges    因行賄而受審(26)
gavel    (法官用的)小木槌(26)
retract    收回(證詞)(26)
sb's absence did not exonerate him    (某人)雖不在現場但仍有罪(26)
out-of-court settlement    庭外和解(26)
denied legal responsibility    拒絕承擔法律責任(26)
women forced into sexual slavery by the imperial army    慰安婦(26)
would flee Canada if released     會棄保潛逃(26)
would almost certainly face the death penalty    幾乎肯定會被判處死刑(26)
sb must remain behind bars    必須扣押某人(26)
were led away in handcuffs    被扣上手銬及帶走(26) 


were further charged with one count of false imprisonment     另再被控以一項非法禁錮罪名(26)
testify today under immunity from prosecution    以特赦證人身分作供(26)
accomplice-turned-prosecution witness    污點證人(26)
chose not to be represented by a legal counsel at yesterday's hearing    昨日選擇自辯(26)
declined to speculate on the outcome of the appeal    拒絕估計上訴結果(26)
shoulder the legal fees    承擔法律費用(26)
seek compensation from him through the mainland court    透過內地法庭向他索償(26)
a new offence of harassment    新罪行纏擾罪(26)
would be liable to imprisonment for a year    可被判監一年(26)
a single incident will not suffice    單一事件不足入罪(26)


recount    敘述(26)
I have no qualms over what I have done.    我對所做一切問心無愧。(26)
are preoccupied with conveyancing    側重物業轉讓工作(26)
released the couple on $50,000 bail    准許該對夫婦以五萬元補釋(26) 


He has 10 days to appeal against the verdict by the Beijing No 1 Intermediate Court.    他如不服北京市第一中級人民法院的判決,可在十日內提出上訴。(26)
faces one count of false imprisonment and will appear in Tsuen Wan Court today    被落案起訴一項非法禁錮罪,今日在荃灣法院提堂(26)
raised wholly extraneous questions    提出與案情完全無關的問題(26)
divert public attention    轉移公眾視線(26)


launched a civil action seeking $1 million compensation for his ordeal at a Western District police station    透過民事訴訟,要求賠償一百萬元,補償他在西區警署所受的酷刑(26)
fabricated the allegations    偽造指控(26)
inflicted the injuries on himself in an effort to forestall interrogation    故意弄傷自己來逃避盤問(26)
compensate Mr Chan's injured feelings and loss of dignity    賠償原告心靈和尊嚴受創(26)
Prominent solicitor Dixon Tang Kwok-wah was jailed for seven years yesterday for the rape and indecent assault of his domestic helper.    著名律師鄧國華強姦和非禮家中菲傭,昨日被判入獄七年。(26)
Fourteen statements, mostly from lawyers, had informed the court of Tang's previous good character.    律師呈上十四封求情信,大部分由法律界人士所寫,證明被告過去品格良好。(26)  




pleaded guilty on February 11 to six counts of accepting an advantage as a public servant    於二月十一日承認六項控罪,控罪指他以工務員身分收受利首益(26)
should not be given a custodial sentence    不該被判入獄(26)
should be remanded in custody    應該被判入獄(26)
found the Mongkok private doctor guilty of professional misconduct    裁定該私家醫生違反職業操守(26)
denied the claims    否認是項指控(26)
There should have been a heavier sentence.    判罪應該更重(26) 
was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on the maid    嚴重傷害菲傭身體罪成(26)
order the defendant to perform community service    判罰社會服務令(26)
sobbed throughout the proceedings    聆訊期間一直飲泣(26)


predicted victory on appeal    預期可上訴得直(26)


stretches prison term for sb    加長某人的刑期(26)
had his sentence increased by six years in the Court of Appeal    被上訴庭增加六年刑期(26)
showed no emotion    木無表情(26)
The term was reduced by one-third because of Lam's guilty plea.    由於犯人認罪,故獲減刑三分之一。(26)
Rape within marriage should be made an offence.    婚後被強迫發生性行為該列為罪行。(26)


perverted the course of justice    濫用司法程序(26)
was acquitted on appeal    上訴時洗脫罪名(26)
Tapes of the hearing showed she had verbally pleaded guilty.    聆訊錄音顯示她親口認罪。(26)
Drivers caught using mobile phones can be fined up to $2000 under a law to take effort in April.    政府立例禁止司機使用流動電話。新法例於四月生效,違例者最高可被罰款二千元。(26)
have a year's grace    有一年寬限期(26)
litigant    (民事案件的)訴訟當事人(26)
pay restitution to the airline    向航空公司作出賠償(26)
A woman yesterday won a court battle for a $500,000 break-up fee from her former live-in lover, who had promised to take care of her for the rest of her life.    一名女子要求前度同居男友支付五十萬元分手費,獲判勝訴。男方曾承諾照顧女方一生一世。(26)
recorder     法官(26)